Are you ready for the Monkey Invasion?

June 4 2014 – Everybody loves monkeys right? Those cheeky little fellows are a lot of fun until they start throwing mud at you!

Monkey Invasion is the great new game from Appsoft Creative Solutions that is great fun for all the family from children to grandparents and everyone inbetween. The game starts slowly to get players used to the gameplay experience. Players can look at the great graphics in the five different and varied locations and tap the monkeys when they appear but watch out – if you wait too long then the you might get covered in the mud they are slinging!

Each of the 25 levels gets harder, faster and more challenging as more monkeys appear even quicker than before. There are also special characters to watch out for and power ups for the player to collect that will reward them with extra lives. Watch out for forfeits like the rotten bananas as they cost lives!

For expert players there is survival mode – a series of never-ending levels to see who can last the longest against the Monkey Invasion! Check out the leaderboards to see how well you measure up against the best players in the world!

Monkey Invasion has great original artwork, animation, musical effects and will quickly become your next favourite ‘just one more go’ game!

Monkey Invasion is available to download now for free for the iPhone and iPad from the Apple iTunes Store. The game is free but there are in-app purchases if required. The app has recently been updated to v1.1 with some minor bug fixes and added support for the iPhone 4 so players will get the best Monkey Invasion experience there is!


Notes to Editors

Monkey Invasion was created by Appsoft Creative Solutions. For more information contact or visit