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Who doesn’t like monkeys that throw mud? Monkey Invasion is a non-stop action adventure game. It is a Whack-A-Mole style game taken to a new level of challenging excitement. You start level 1 getting to know the monkeys in a slower paced arcade styled world. Taking cue’s from the game that inspired us we created this world with a simplistic background to pay homage to the classic. Watch out for the puppy and rabbits and you will be on your way to completing the first of our challenges. Let the monkeys stay up to long will get you bombarded with slung mud. To help you on your quest we included several power-ups and give you extra lives. Beware the rotten banana’s though because they will cost you a life.

Level 2 introduces you to 2 new characters the army monkey and our innocent little girl. Hit the army monkey once and his helmet fly’s off. Hit him again to prevent the mud from taking flight. Please don’t hit the little girl or it will cost you a banana. Level 3 brings our monkeys home to the zoo watch for the swinging monkeys and don’t hit the zookeeper (he is just trying to tidy up). Level 4 brings our monkeys to their natural environment in the jungle and if you make it this far you are really in for a treat when you rocket to the moon in Level 5. If you thought the other levels were tough level 5 will make your head spin and your fingers sore. You will need all the speed and attention to detail you can muster for this final battle. All the space monkeys must be hit twice and the spaceship will need a third hit for good measure. Watch closely for the astronauts and the aliens. Hit either of these and you will be on your way to another game over.

When you think your done with that be sure to check out survival mode. You must unlock these never ending levels by completing the corresponding levels in regular game mode. Challenge your friends to see who can outlast who. Be sure to check the leaderboards to see how you stack up against other players from around the world.

We at AppSoft hope you enjoy our game as much as we do. You can leave any feedback you may have here on this support page. Email support@appsoftcreative with any comments or suggestions.

Currently this game is available only on IOS devices. We look forward to bringing more excitement to your devices in the future.


The Team At AppSoft Creative Solutions


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