Universal app for the iPad and iPhone.

Available in two versions, LITE and PRO.




Allows users to play there favorite roll playing games without the need to do constant mathematical equations which require many dice. The user can simply enter in the required roll information and immediately get a response. So he can focus more on the game and less on rolling dice and doing the calculations in his head. If need be he can go back through the tape and see what he rolled many times previously. If the user finds himself rolling the same check over and over again he can store that roll in a programmable key and have access at the push of a button.

1.Screen of LITE version has no programmable keys available. History is available.

2.The upgrade to paid version will come up in an Alert View when “=” is pressed 30 times.

3.Add a new button by pressing “+”. Number of programmable keys is unlimited.

4.To program a key, double click on added button, then choose what you want to program and press “SAVE”. Press and hold till the buttons giggle then press the negative button that appears on the ones you would like to delete.

5. Formula could be clicked within the Tape if the user wanted to roll those dice again

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